the Fastest Way to Play Music

Learning and playing music has never been so simple

DODEKA reinvents the way we learn and play music to make the acts of composing and playing music more accessible to everyone.

Innovative piano keyboard

Fresh and optimised piano design

Chromatic configuration

Straight linear layout

New keys

dodeka innovative piano keyboard

Easy-to-read sheet music

dodeka easy-to-read music notation

Novel and clear music notation

Four-line stave

Chromatic scale of 12 notes

No more flat and sharp signs

Dodeka Music

DODEKA mobile App soon on the App Store

dodeka innovative piano keyboard

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    I was able to read and play a piece in only 2 minutes! This system is enjoyable and very simple!Florian Amstutz (Switzerland)
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    It is amazing, because you can play everything with ease and in all keys.
    It always amazes me how this keyboard layout isn't much more popular.Fernando Terra (Brazil)
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    Dodeka's scores are the tablature of the fingerboard. Same fingering and fixed notes in a system independent of keys. Thanks DODEKA!Jens Sjölung (Sweden)

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