DODEKA, the Revolutionary Music System

DODEKA, the music system

DODEKA is a revolutionary music system that greatly simplifies the transcription of musical compositions and the playing of music. The method integrates at its core the chromatic scale and its twelve semi-tones. It introduces a new staff, as well as a revolutionary keyboard. With DODEKA, you'll be able to quickly and easily learn how to compose and play great music.

A New Approach to Music

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DODEKA's main objective is to make music as easy as possible for everyone to have the opportunity to freely express oneself and feel the joy of music. It is an alternative music system based on a great and logical concept that works with every instrument. No need to be a rocket scientist anymore to play music!


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See what other people say!

I commend Jacques-Daniel on a very impressive rethink of the messy system that is traditional musical notation. The ideas are simple and brilliant - great stuff.

Gunter Blum, Australia

Dodeka's scores are the tablature of the fingerboard. Same fingering and fixed notes in a system independent of keys. Thanks DODEKA!

Jens Sjölund, Sweden

I have always loved playing music and singing. At the age of 13, I started to play the saxophone. However, after few classes, I quickly dropped realising how music theory was complicated. My passion for music led me to develop a coherent and logical alternative to this complex system: the DODEKA music system. Over the years, I made significant progress with DODEKA. And today, I’m able to play freely.

Jacques-Daniel Rochat, Switzerland

It is amazing, because you can play everything with ease and in all keys. It is fabulous. It always amazes me too how this keyboard layout isn't much more popular

Fernando Terra, Brazil


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