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The art of music simplified

Dodeka is a simple and intuitive way to play music for a new generation of musicians. Playing a musical instrument has never been so simple.

Reinventing the way we play music

Learn music the fast way

Our notation is clear and intuitive. Notes are obvious and easy-to-read. Now literally anyone can read sheet music.

Play straight away

With Dodeka, there’s no need to spend weeks on music theory. Jump straight into the fun part.

Make quick progress

Read and play sheet music in only few days and impress your family and friends!

See what other people say

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    I was able to read and play a piece in only 2 minutes! This system is enjoyable and very simple!Florian Amstutz (Switzerland)
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    It is amazing, because you can play everything with ease and in all keys.
    It always amazes me how this keyboard layout isn't much more popular.Fernando Terra (Brazil)
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    Dodeka's scores are the tablature of the fingerboard. Same fingering and fixed notes in a system independent of keys. Thanks DODEKA!Jens Sjölung (Sweden)


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