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DODEKA in brief

DODEKA reinvents the way music is written, introducing a four-line structure, a musical scale of twelve notes, new notes names and visual note durations.

  • a four-line staff

  • a scale of 12 notes

  • new tone codes

  • visual note duration

Music theory taught in 30 seconds

How it works

DODEKA introduces a new musical stave together with a chromatic scale of 12 notes and writes musical rhythm horizontally.

There are now twelve notes in the musical scale. These notes are inserted in four different ways – on, between, above and below the lines and they all keep their position in every octave.

Sharp and flat symbols simply disappear!

Sheet music become clear, visual, and easy-to-read no matter the key!

dodeka easy-to-read sheet music

DODEKA stave

dodeka easy and clear sheet music

DODEKA scale

DODEKA vs current music notation

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