The Netflix of easy-to-read sheet music

Posted on October 16, 2017
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Imagine an online platform, where you can have access to all the sheet music ever written. From the modern to the old ones.

Imagine now that you can read and play all of the sheets available on this platform. Yes, the all package from Mozart to the latest Ed Sheeran, including John Lennon’s famous song: "Imagine"!

In short, imagine the Netflix of easy-to-read sheet music. Access your sheets anytime and play them everywhere.

No need to stretch your imagination further because - (drum roll please) - that’s what we’ve been working on the past few weeks beside the development of our midi controller prototype and the launch of our first iPad App.

Basically, we are developing an online on-demand and learning platform for those who want to learn music in a simple, logical and intuitive way.

Still in its infancy yet (we are working hard - we promise), the platform will offer a large repository of musical sheets and online courses together with a few virtual musical instruments.

Doesn’t it sound like something cool to have? Let us know what sheets and music you would be interested in!

More information will follow, stay tuned! :)

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