Innovative musical instruments

Designed to make you play music in a fast and simple way

Dodeka Keyboard: A Revolutionary Piano Design

A linear and isomorphic piano keyboard designed to be as easy as possible to play

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  • Linear design

  • Chromatic layout

  • Isomorphic keyboard

  • Microtonal ready

Dodeka Stellar

The New-Generation Musical Keyboard

3-octave isomorphic and linear piano keyboard. The perfect instrument for those always on the go who want to explore music in a new way.


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Advantages & benefits

  • Learn piano fast

    The Dodeka keyboard makes you play music faster! Say goodbye to the long and boring music classes!

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  • Same fingering for every piece

    With this revolutionary keyboard, all pieces, chords, and scales are played using the same fingering. Learn chords once and you know how to play them in every key!

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  • Direct relationship with the notation

    This keyboard layout mirrors the Dodeka Music Notation making it very easy to identify which note to play!

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  • Same intervals

    The Dodeka keyboard space out its key equally. Semitones, tones, thirds and fifth have the same intervals and features the same octave width as conventional piano keyboards.

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Dodeka Music App

The Dodeka keyboard available on the app store

Simple & popular sheet music
Digital Dodeka Keyboard
Easy to use
Clear & logical
And 100% free

dodeka innovative piano keyboard


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