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DODEKA revolutionary musical instruments

DODEKA designs new musical instruments

Alongside its music notation system, DODEKA offers exclusive musical instruments designed to mirror the structure of the DODEKA staff, so as to provide the most intuitive and simpler playing experience to its users. DODEKA new musical instruments include piano keyboards, xylophone, and guitars.

The DODEKA Keyboard

DODEKA introduces a revolutionary keyboard, the DODEKA keyboard, based on a chromatic configuration, where all keys are set at the same level.

the DODEKA keyboard

As mentioned earlier, instruments with a keyboard such as the organ, the piano, etc., have a structure that unfortunately replicates the traditional notational method.

The DODEKA system works with every instrument. However, the design of the standard keyboard by contrast to strings and brass instruments greatly handicaps musicians, since it reproduces the “defects” of the traditional notational system as seen earlier.

Only a keyboard that replicates the real form of music allows to fully benefiting from the coherence of DODEKA and encourages musical expression. That is why DODEKA introduces a new keyboard,
the DODEKA keyboard, in which all keys are set on chromatic configuration.

DODEKA keyboard comparison

The Advantages of the DODEKA Keyboard

In a chromatic disposition, each note of the scale is side by side, there is no more established and penalising construction. Each interval is equivalent which allows the musician to very easily control the “musical space” because the keyboard perfectly replicates what is happening in the sound universe.

Keys of the DODEKA keyboard

The semitones are always beside the next, the tones are a key away, and the thirds and the fifths have the same intervals in every tonality.

This configuration provides an incalculable benefit for those who improvise, as it enables to avoid the long-out calculations imposed by the traditional keyboard.

Synergic Interactions

The DODEKA keyboard works in synergy with the DODEKA system. This interaction comes from their mutual structure based on the chromatic scale. Because each note precedes the next, only few indicators are required on the keyboards to reflect the structure of the staff. With these 4 indicators, the keyboard mirrors the notational system of the score, if rotated by 90°.

Synergy of the DODEKA method

These explicit links greatly improve the reading of music, as well as its writing. For in practice, one only needs to press the indicated key to play the right note. No calculation is needed, as there is no alteration at the clef, nor are there accidentals. The simplicity and coherence of this synergy enable novice musicians to read and play complex musical composition soon in the learning process.


The DODEKA keyboard playing a sheet music translated in the DODEKA language.

Adaptable Keyboards

The DODEKA keyboard also provides a suitable option for beginners. In fact, the relationship between the keyboard and staff can be visually strengthened on learner keyboards by assigning a colour to each line of the staff and the indicators of the keyboards.

DODEKA's Learner Keyboard

For example, the colour red can be used for the two lines of the note C, blue for the E line, and green for the line of the G sharp. This way, the keys are the same colour as the line to which they correspond on the score.

This visual link enables the learner to situate each note with great ease. It is now possible to grasp the entire notational principles of DODEKA in only one lesson. The study time can be thereafter devoted to acquiring dexterity and reading reflexes.


Example of a DODEKA learning keyboard.

The DODEKA xylophone

The DODEKA xylophone displays a chromatic and vertical layout, where all notes are set intermittently and gradually on upper and lower racks.


Like the keyboard, a repeated pattern of four coloured lines indicating the staff lines is reproduced throughout the xylophone keys layout, making the recognition of the notes to play very easy and intuitive.

DODEKA and guitars

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